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Rock Steady is a creative agency based in Philadelphia.

We've spent decades bringing ideas to life for brands big and small. 

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Showing Off

Product launches, new initiatives, special events and amazing highlights. Let us showcase your pride and joy.


Training & Explaining

Explainer and employee training videos that command attention. If you know how it works, we'll help you explain it.

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As Ira Glass says, “Great stories happen to those who can tell them.”

We tell great stories. Your story is next.

Viva Amiga: The Story of a Beautiful Machine

In a world of green on black, they dared to dream in color.

In 1985, an upstart team of Silicon Valley mavericks created a miracle: the Amiga computer. A machine made for creativity. For games, for art, for expression. Breaking from the mold set by IBM and Apple, this was something new. Something to change what people believed computers could do.

Viva Amiga is a look at a digital dream and the freaks, geeks and geniuses who brought it to life.

Arcadia – In Production

Welcome to Arcadia — an immersive, enlightening, and visually-captivating documentary that chronicles the amazing history of arcades from the turn of the century to modern day. 

Although many of our favorite hangouts are gone now, arcades have existed in one form or another for over 100 years, as a venue where people from all walks of life could come together, socialize, and try their luck on the latest and greatest coin-operated amusements. 

At its heart Arcadia is a love story, the exhilarating tale of culture meeting technology, as told by an array of colorful historians, curators, collectors, industry legends, celebrity fans, and hard-core arcade fanatics.